Moana Movie and Soundtrack Review

Move over Frozen, Moana is here!

Moana Movie
We took our family to see Disney's Moana over Christmas break. What we discovered was an amazing tale of Moana of Motunui, a young girl who is destined to be chief of her island, but longs to for the sea.  Her struggle is fueled on both sides of her family. Her father wants her to be content on the island and is afraid of the sea.  Her grandmother loves the sea and encourages her to follow her heart showing Moana their tribe used to be voyagers.  The struggle hits a turning point when her grandmother passes away and tells Moana to go return the heart of the ocean.  The heart of the ocean was stolen by Maui a demigod.  When the heart was stolen from Te Fiti, the goddess who life in the ocean a darkness spread across the ocean. The only to stop it is to return the heart.

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